Melancholy Meditations

The title track ‘Melancholy Meditations’ was written in 2011 when this album project was still carrying a working title “The Escape Artist”. Back then the songs had a completely different basis to them. Since my escape plan did not work and I was still shackled to the mundane nine-to-five working life instead of committing to full-time artistry, this song felt more than fitting.
I feel melancholy is a big part of my nature. It reaches out at every possible chance and feels like a bitter-sweet longing for something just out of reach. I’m sure that at some point in our lives we are all reaching out for a life that is not to be and we feel the possibilities of these unlived lives fall through our fingertips. Succumbing to the arms of melancholy works as a safe harbor for the absent-minded and gives a great excuse to stop living in the disappointing now. But at some point you just need to break the fog, feel the pain and get back to the real world.

You can call me a fool
for I’m a true fool for this kind of blues
Now you know me so well
there is no book or a magazine, no phone call that could help me
it’s like an old friend visiting
when melancholy invites me in

The clock on the wall
has been stuck at one for days and days
Time slows down like feather butterflies
floating off my pillow
like snow, so slow
and it’s okay
I have all the time in the world
and no responsibilities
left to annoy me

Melancholy meditations
I need to be bare
I need to be broken
I need to be bare
Need to be broken and so bare