Photo by Henry Söderlund
Photo by Henry Söderlund

‘When Nothing Is Left Of Us’ is a song about the inevitability of death and our roles in the circle of life. I had the title of this song written on my notebook for a long while. I tried carving out a ‘romantic song’, failing time after another and eventually forgetting all about it. “Kill your darlings” and all that – if something doesn’t work, you move on to new ideas.
But then, life happened. After I had suffered a sudden and deep loss in my personal life, I happened to pass this line on my notes and at that moment I knew what the song was really about. Through my mourning it had become apparent that the only legacy that one can truly leave behind is spiritual. It is the love that we share and teach our children and loved ones, the culture of respect and caring that has the chance to last from a generation to the next. No one might remember your name in a hundred years but the love and trust you leave people with has the chance to grow.

Take me to your ocean

so vast we lose touch

Before we join its movement

say your goodbyes to the sun

One day, not far from here

We’ll become

the foam on the waves

thus proving the circle has no end

to begin with

What we’ve become

Finally we’re one

from ashes to dust

from rain to ocean

Even when nothing is left of us

We are still together, together in love

When nothing is left

There is always love

The circle has no end to begin with

the circle, circle has no end