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Jolea is the moniker of Joanna Similä, Helsinki born producer – singer – songwriter. The name is drawn from the Finnish word kolea which means ”chilly”, as she found it oddly suitable for the style of music she represents. Jolea started crafting her first songs as a young teenager and went on to study a bachelor’s degree in music production. She released her first EP ‘Ghostly Figures’ on her own indie label Audiobaum in late 2009, followed by a double- EP ‘..And the Ghosts That Followed’ (2010 & 2011) that extended the eerie theme further with six remixes and four new songs. In 2015 Jolea released a collaborative album ‘Recue X Jolea – We’re Not Like The Most’ with label mate Recue. It combined Recue’s electronic mastermind with Jolea’s reflective songwriting and intimate vocals. Her most sullen and reflective third solo EP ‘Melancholy Meditations’ saw daylight in 2016.

‘Intuition’ (2018) is Jolea’s fourth solo release and most upbeat so far. The themes circle around hope and perseverance in these globally confused, turbulent and volatile times. ‘Revolution of Two’ is a power anthem about never giving in, even if the chances are against you. We struggle so much alone but with a little bit of help and support from other we can make miracles happen. The name track ‘Intuition’ is about one’s intuition and how you should trust that gut feeling, because it usually knows more than the conscious mind lets on.

Photo by Miika Ylhäinen


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